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4 Tips to Create Your Own Travel Gear

4 Tips to Create Your Own Travel Gear

Most people who have had the experience can admit that traveling can be exhausting, whether you are doing it for leisure or work purposes. Even those who sincerely love traveling, whether by car, plane, or train, can admit that it is indeed tiring. There are different kinds of motivations behind traveling. Some are challenging reasons, and others are simply for motivating yourself. But in your travels, imagine the sort of challenges you face. There are many things that you have to deal with as a traveler that makes your journey rough. For example, we have unfavorable weather conditions, germs, crying babies, and fatigue. I agree that many shops sell traveling accessories, but have you ever thought of creating your own? If you have never thought about it or are planning to do it, this article will provide all the relevant information you will need. Some of the tips you need to have in creating your gear are as follows;

Determine the Type of Products You Will Need

Are you a regular traveler or a thrill-seeker? Knowing the kind of traveler, you are will determine the type of products you will need. Frequent travelers travel for business and leisure, while thrill-seekers are people who travel for sports purposes and other activities concerning physical risks. If you are a regular traveler, you might enjoy accessories like jewelry pouches, toiletry bags, and compression socks. Furthermore, if you are a thrill-seeker, you might need accessories like waterproof phone protectors, mosquito bracelets and other personal travel fans. The main reason for determining the kind of products you need is to meet your travel needs.

Find A Reliable and Reputable Supplier

To make your own travel gear, you need someone reliable who will supply you with the necessary materials for making the products. You should take your time and go through different suppliers. This will help you settle on one who will supply you with quality materials to make quality products. Imagine getting artificial materials that will produce products that are not long-lasting. That can be unpleasant, so to avoid all that, understand your supplier.

Conduct Research

As a traveler who has not been using any traveling accessories or has never made any product of their own, you might feel confused when starting. You might not have the knowledge you require to make your products, or rather you might not know the right products for you. In such situations, research is essential. By seeing what other travelers in your shoes are doing, you will get an insight into what you need to do. The research point is to collect data on what you need when making products to meet your travel needs. Without the proper knowledge, you can find yourself taking the wrong actions. Therefore, research is essential.

Seek Advice

Some people have tried the option of making their travel gears. The best advice you can get is from a person who has gone through the process. If you want to try out this option, get a person who has walked the same path you want to follow and let them guide you. Through this, you will get all the knowledge and confidence that you need to make your products.

Materials to Use When Making Travelling Accessories

Different fabrics are used in making different traveling accessories depending on factors like weather conditions and the activities you will be carrying out. Some of the fabrics that you can use are as follows;

For Activewear

  • Wick away
  • Ribbing
  • Stretch woven
  • Wool
  • Water repellent
  • Sun protective fabric
  • Waterproof breathable
  • Fleece and insulation


    • Cordura nylon
    • Cordura 2nds
    • Cordura ballistic
    • Cordura HP Poly
    • All Cordura
    • Cordura baselayer

      For Heavyweight

      • Cotton
      • Polyester
      • Vinyl
      • Military Heavyweight
      • Other heavyweight
      • Ballistic nylon


        • Clothing mesh
        • Gear mesh


          • Print media fabric
          • Print library

            Listed above are some of the materials that you can use to make your accessories. Many shops provide the materials, and you only have to choose one that you are comfortable with.

            Advantages of Making Your Own Travelling Gear

            Making your traveling gear comes with many benefits. Some of them include;

            • It saves you money; If you decide to make your traveling accessories instead of buying them, it is a sure bet that you will save yourself a lot of expenses. You will only spend money when paying for the fabrics you need to make the products, making the whole process cheaper. Compared to a person who keeps on buying traveling gadgets, the one who makes their own spends less. Get yourself fabric, make your accessories and save yourself that cash you would have used in buying the accessories.
            • It is fun. Making accessories is a fun activity, and it sharpens your skills. Some people consider it a hobby. There is nothing as pleasant as enjoying doing a certain task that will be helpful to you for a long period.

            Things To Remember For Easier Making Of Your Own Outdoor Gear

            Making your traveling gear is indeed a rewarding task. However, for you to be satisfied with your work, it is good to remember the following things, which will ensure success in your work;

            • Learn to embrace the learning curve; Passion is the most important thing for creating your traveling gear. Whether you have been in the game or it’s your first time using a sewing machine, it is good to embrace the learning curve you encounter and stick to it.
            • Practice more; Practice makes perfect. Start with small steps and sew simple accessories, and with more practice, you will sharpen your skills and handle complex products.
            • Get creative; Creativity is crucial when it comes to sewing. Get creative and make your own unique products by choosing from a variety of fabric patterns and colors.
            • Measure twice and cut once; Measuring your fabric twice ensures that there is no room for mistakes. When you make a mistake when cutting the fabric, you will be forced to discard it and order more fabric, which will add to the cost.

            From the above information, it is clear that making traveling gear is worth your time and energy. Start the process, and you will enjoy the outcome.

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