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9 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

How to Celebrate Earth Day Rowdy Style 


Earth Day is around the corner and we want you to celebrate this beautiful place with us! Whether you choose to appreciate this day by making environmentally conscious decisions or just by spending time adventuring the great outdoors, you've got to celebrate with some Rowdy-style activities.

Here are 9 awesome ways that you can celebrate Earth Day this weekend.



Start Your Garden


If you're still holding off and waiting on the last frost, it's time to get those seedlings going. Prepare your soil by using good compost that'll nourish your base. Then, get those seeds planted and give them life (or water). Growing your own garden is a fun way to get outside that’ll also save you money and improve the soil around you. Plus, you'll have fresh fruits and veggies that'll be ready to enjoy in no time. Yum!



Don't Drive


Skip the drive and make the earth-friendly choice to commute by bike instead. Cycling to work gets your heart rate up while keeping your daily carbon footprint down.  

If you're really feeling like a workout, commute by foot. If you live close by, walk to work. Or if you've always wanted to try run-commuting, lace up your shoes and take off. If you choose to run, make sure you:

  1. Pack your fuel. Get some protein in before, during and after, depending on the length of your commute.
  2. Map out your path -- it's probably different than your usual route, you won't be taking the freeway!
  3. Give yourself plenty of time.

If you don't have the option of commuting by bike or foot, try your best to grab a buddy and carpool instead, and reduce the footprint from at least one car on the road.



Enjoy Nature

Step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Take your dog for a walk to the park or even up the mountain. Slip on those hiking boots and get exploring. Heck, even make a regular habit out of hiking, you outdoor enthusiast. You can grab a couple of friends and hang out at the neighborhood park for the day too. Get everyone to pack a lunch and enjoy having a picnic. The most important thing is to appreciate your day outside and notice the beauty and enjoyment that nature brings.



Donate Reusable Items


One of the best and easiest ways to take care of the planet is to keep gently-used items like furniture, clothing, household items, gear and equipment in rotation. Collect your own gently-used items and donate, or even sell them to make a few extra bucks. And next time you find yourself needing to get something new, think about whether or not you can buy it used. It's cheaper and better for the environment!



Practice Yoga Under the Beautiful, Blue Sky


Next time you practice yoga on a gorgeous day, take it outside to a local park and get your flow on in the wide open air. Listen to the birds chirping, watch the clouds float around and smell the blooming flowers.

Bring a couple of yogi friends to join you too! Maybe you're even feeling a little adventurous and want to take your mat on a hike up the mountain to practice at the peak. There'll be nothing as breathtaking as doing yoga while looking over the valley with your pals.



Plant a Tree


Planting a tree may sound like the typical Earth Day activity but there's a reason it’s so popular. Trees are such a significant part of the planet. They work hard to clean the air we breathe and are food and habitats for many of our plants and animals. Plant one and be part of adding to the wellness of the earth we live on.



Switch to E-Billing


Nobody likes getting bills in the mail anyways. It's a real bummer when the only mail you get in your mailbox says you owe someone some more money. So, consider changing all of your bills from paper bills to e-bills. It's easy to do and helps save millions of trees each year. It may even be more convenient for you too because all of your bills will be in the same place. (We know you dislike them as much as we do, but we still recommend you pay your bills, even if they are paper ones.)




If you don't already have a recycling plan in place, you should implement one! If you have one already, look for new ways you can expand on your current recycling practices. You may find that you can recycle more materials than you thought you could.

You can also find a nearby recycling plant that reuses a bunch of supplies you have laying around your garage. And, if you really want to go above and beyond, consider other ways you can get others to recycle too. Maybe your work doesn't have a recycling bin. Or if they do, not everybody in the office is using it. Take the initiative and make sure your workplace is operating in environmentally friendly ways.



Sign Up For an Earth Day Race


It's not too late to sign up for an Earth Day race! There are tons of different 5K, 10K, half-marathon and races beyond happening this weekend. Grab your family and friends and sign up. You'll have a blast enjoying the outdoors while getting some miles in. And if this is your first, we have a few tips to help you prepare for this exciting new adventure.


How did you celebrate Earth Day? Share your earth-friendly, Rowdy-style activities with us below!

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