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Simple and Effective Tips For Creating A Fitness Routine

Simple and Effective Tips For Creating A Fitness Routine

Create Your Own Custom Fitness Routine With Rowdy Rouser Ryan Sullivan

In all honesty, fitness trainers aren’t for everyone, and they can also be pretty expensive. But that shouldn’t keep you from reaching your fitness goals. Your fitness routine should work for you and challenge you, not weigh you down. Create a fitness plan that is as unique and Rowdy as you are with the help of Rowdy Rouser Ryan Sullivan

Ryan has been kind enough to share his insights on creating a custom fitness routine. As a running coach, adventurer, avid Rowdy Bar devourer, first-time dog owner and lover of half marathons, Ryan knows a thing or two about custom fitness routines. Design a fitness routine that helps you reach your goals with these quick tips.


1. Assess Your Current Fitness Routine

Before jumping into something new, take a long, honest look at your current fitness routine. Ask yourself what you like about your current fitness routine and what you might want to do differently.

“Running is a must, but I make sure to do weight training like TRX to strengthen muscles, prevent injury and stay one step ahead of the game (pun intended),” says Ryan.

Some things to consider:  

  • Frequency - How often do you plan to workout? Fitness routines usually include 3-5 days of training, not including active rest. If you’re currently working out 1-2 days per week, working up to 5 days will be something to consider as you develop your new routine.  
  • Current Fitness Level - Depending on the intensity of your goal, your age, and your current lifestyle habits, it might be a good idea to schedule a physical and an initial training session to see where you stand.
  • Nutrition - Document your current nutrition habits. Do these help your current fitness goals? Will your current meals and snacks fuel your new fitness routine?
  • Time of day - Are you sweating in the morning before the kids wake up or in the evening after work? Does this work for you?


2. Pick Your Goal

Decide what you want to focus on. The more specific you make your goal the easier it will be to reach it. Start by asking what fitness means to you. It could mean facing new challenges or becoming the best version of yourself. It could also mean physical and mental strength … or being the fastest sibling in the family!

Next, decide what you want from your workouts. If you want to build muscle you need strength training. If you want to become more flexible you need more yoga and pilates. If you want to improve agility, then a sport like kickboxing or soccer might be your thing.


3. Choose Exercises You Enjoy

Life's too short to run for exercise if you hate it. Although, to be physically active is to be human, so enjoy your sweat session! Try swimming, an intramural sport, or HIIT instead.

“Choose an exercise that makes you look forward to the next day and do it. Get outside your comfort zone because you may fall in love with an exercise you never knew you would like,” Ryan adds.

Are you a runner looking to step up your game? Will you only do cardio if it’s disguised as play? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try aerial silks or you were a college athlete and want to dive back into your sport. Whatever it is, do something that will keep you motivated to train.


4. Make It Planner Official!

Schedule the workout for each day at a specific time. This is your personal appointment for fitness, don't bai! Ryan suggests, “Keep it easy. If you workout better in the mornings, then schedule the time to workout then. Don’t force yourself to workout during a time you know you will not feel like working out and struggle during the workout.”

Be realistic about when and how much time you can commit to this goal. If you don’t have a lot of time, there are workouts like HITT that will completely kick your butt in a short amount of time. If you’re training for a marathon, reverse engineer your goal by working backward from the race date. Research training schedules online to get a feel for what you need to do, then work that plan into a schedule that you can stick to.


5. Listen, Listen, Listen to Your Body!

Everyone’s body is different, so listen to yours. As long as you are working hard enough that you couldn’t possibly be texting or reading a magazine while you’re working out, then that’s an adequate intensity. If the burn is unbearable, then stop -- push your limits responsibly.

“Push yourself to be better than what your mind thinks it can do, but take care of your body and know that taking a break is not quitting but putting you in a better position to succeed,” Ryan reminds us.


6. Don't Forget To Include Rest

Make sure to schedule in rest days too! When getting started with a new fitness routine, our ambition can sometimes be bigger than our ability. This can lead to fatigue early on, and could set you back a few days. Go at a reasonable pace and do not skip rest (and active rest) days. Aim for one active recovery day and one rest day per week.

Ryan says, “Rest is one of the most important things to an active lifestyle. Benefits I have seen are decrease risk of injury, less burnouts from working out, more energy, and happier, better dreams.”


7. Persistence + Practice = Rowdy Rouser Status!

Make a pact with yourself to keep yourself accountable. Ryan says, “Be patient and consistent with working out, dieting, and resting, goals are not broken overnight.”

You won’t always be motivated, so finding a way to stay accountable is key. Ryan chooses mindset. “I push myself harder today than yesterday because I know that tomorrow I can do better. Plus, the cheat meal on Saturday will be that much better.” Some people prefer working out solo and use affirmations. Others can’t imagine working out with an accountabili-buddy. Others hire accountability in the form of a physical trainer. You know yourself best, so make sure you provide the proper motivational support you need to stay on track.

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