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Completely Transparent | 7 Things You Can See Right Through

Completely Transparent | 7 Things You Can See Right Through

The talk around transparency in food is pretty buzzy right now, and for good reason--who doesn’t want full transparency about what they put in their bodies? If you’re a Rowdy fan, you can agree food is best when it’s made with minimal ingredients you can pronounce. (That's why we use wholesome base ingredients you can pronounce). We’re all about keeping our foods simple and our ‘tudes fun, so instead of boring you with a long-winded lecture about food transparency, we're encouraging you to take a break from your work and check out these other types of transparency that make us smile. Enjoy!

Cellophane and the Clearly Irresponsible Advertisement

Cellophane, also known as shrink wrap, saran wrap or plastic wrap--can be used for (almost) anything. The versatility of cellophane is wholly dependent on the power of your imagination. From arts and crafts to gift wrapping, it’s one of those household staples you just can’t do without. Though, there are some uses they should absolutely not be considered for. We get what they were going for, but someone did not think this through. 




Traveling to the Clearest Water in the World

Get ready to do some scenic swimming! In these gorgeous destinations around the world, the water is so clear you could probably forget all the world’s problems just by looking at it. From Greece to Japan to Thailand, there's some seriously stunning water features brought to you by Mother Nature. Get out there and see them all! 


Crystal Pepsi, Gross.

Ready for a throwback? Crystal Pepsi is one of those transparency trends that became an iconic fail. We didn't know if it was supposed to taste like citrus or cola, but either way it was not good. Some things are not made better when transparent, and SNL made that crystal clear


Cinderella is a Transparency Fairytale

Cinderella and the glass slipper is a whimsical reminder that we can make our wildest dreams come true if we’re willing to be uncomfortable. Think about it, Cindy was in a real bad place, but then she gets the opportunity of a life time. She goes to the ball disguised as someone else, wearing shoes made of GLASS and thinking she has to be super glamorous to find love. Not true. The prince falls in love with her true self, awesome personality and rockin' dance moves. He knows she's the one clear choice for his bride, so he goes on a wildly inefficient search for her, and you know the rest. Smiles all around. (For the record, we would rather break in new hiking boots than wear glass slippers, so kudos to Cinderella). 



LifeLock and the Reckless Transparency Stunt

This one time the marketing team at LifeLock thought it would be genius if CEO, Todd Davis shared his social security number on TV. While the bold move was persuasive in theory, the guy ended up having his identity stolen 13 times. Unlucky or reckless? Tricks to find the truth. Ever wish your superpower was human lie detection? Well thanks to these tricks from behavioral experts, it can be. These truth seeking professionals also found out that 60% of people can’t go 10 minutes without lying once. Woah.  



The Infamous Crystal Ball

Crystal balls have been the the fortune teller's tool of choice for thousands of years. It's funny, really, that they use a transparent ball to tell unclear futures. Whether their visions of the future are true or not, we still like a little magical thinking now and then. (We see mountainous adventures fueled by Rowdy bars in your future!)



Winner For Coolest Sea Animal: Jellyfish 

Nature produces some insane organisms, but no animal is quite as interesting as the jellyfish. Did you know jellyfish use their transparency as a form of camouflage? There aren’t too many places to hide in that big wide ocean! Jellyfish can also clone themselves, and some can even glow in the dark. That's too much awesome for one animal. 


Thanks for being silly with us! Want more to perk up your Rowdy Spirit? Check out these 16 ways to boost your mood in under a minute!

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