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Gettin' ROWDY over our NEW packaging

Gettin' ROWDY over our NEW packaging

Rowdy Bars has had several names over the last few years; Rowdy Prebiotic Foods, Rowdy Prebiotics, Rowdy Bars and now just ROWDY! 

However, over the last year, we think we nailed it! As the new  Rowdy, we have been working on a complete REBRAND, if you haven’t noticed. We (Kellie, Hannah, and Lisa) have had a vision with Rowdy from the beginning which is, “Rowdy is focused on offering gut-boosting superfood snacks and grass-fed protein powder, with premium ingredients for optimal gut health.”

Rowdy has been all about #guthealth from the time we launched and we have not shied away from that. As we have grown over the years, we have expanded our bar line to include five gut healthy flavors! 

  1. Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough
  2. Keto Peanutty Dark Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Coconut Cashew
  4. Blueberry Almond Tart 
  5. Sunflower Butter N' Berries

And now we are launching three NEW collagen protein powders!

  1. Snickerdoodle Collagen 
  2. Vanilla Bean Collagen 
  3. Chocolate Collagen

When formulating the powders, we made sure that we kept the prebiotic component from the Yacon Root as one of the main ingredients. This root has been the foundation of Rowdy, given its prebiotic and digestive elements, which is what we are all about.  We will continue to create products that promote optimal gut health through the ingredients that we use.

In light of the clean label of our products, we thought it was time to create clean packaging to match! Our products are crafted with the most premium ingredients to get you back to feeling ROWDY therefore, our packaging needed to represent that as well. Our new branding is sleek and clean and shouts “PREMIUM!”

When our customers look at the new branding, we want them to feel that these products are nourishing their body, fueling their mind and replenishing their soul! One way we can portray that is through our new packaging. We hope that it captures your eye on shelf and on our website!

As we continue to grow as a woman owned-family operated business, we want to thank our customers and our team for supporting us! We will share our experiences as we move forward in the CPG world and hope that along the way you discover Rowdy and that Rowdy makes a positive difference in your life.

-Rowdy Sisters

Left to right: Kellie, Hannah, Lisa

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