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13 Times To Enjoy A Rowdy Bar | The Healthy On The Go Snack Bar

13 Times To Enjoy A Rowdy Bar | The Healthy On The Go Snack Bar

What Makes A Healthy On The Go Snack Bar, Anyhow?

A healthy on the go snack bar is something you can count on in any situation. It contains simple, tasty ingredients and a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. It won’t feel like a brick in your stomach, but it will keep you full in between meals. It’s nutrient dense, without tasting like astronaut food. Here are 13 super specific and extremely possible times you could use a Rowdy Bar.


#1 Presentation Day Pep Up

You’ve been preparing for your 12 o’clock presentation all morning. Your PowerPoint is seamless, your anecdotes are engaging, and your data looks pretty darn convincing. You’ve prepared for everything, except these sudden hunger pangs. That’s right, you downed three cups of black coffee for breakfast. You need something quick so you don’t crash mid-presentation. Five minutes before stage time, you nosh on a Rowdy Bar. That’s better.


#2 Mid-Hike Snack Break

You’re on mile 9 of your hike, and there’s another 5 miles to go before you set up camp. You don’t feel hungry but you know you need energy, seeing as you haven’t eaten since breakfast a few hours ago. You find a rock under a tree, unbuckle your pack and grab a rowdy bar from your front pocket. Time for a quick break.


#3 Networking Fuel

Someone told you there would be free food at this networking event and they were either lying or misinformed. After a long day at work, you’re ravenous and not ready to mingle with other professionals. Thankfully you keep a Rowdy Bar in your bag, just in case. Let's do this. 


#4 All-Nighter Nutrients

You completely forgot you have a term paper due tomorrow, and you’ve only got 12 hours to write 20 pages. Panic starts to set in, but you clear your schedule, climb to the quiet floor of the library, and open up a Rowdy Bar. It’s time to hustle.


#5 Bad Snack Side Step

You promised your aunt you would come by to help sort through photos for your uncle’s retirement party. She never, ever has good food at her house, but you know you’ll be there for a few hours. You pack a Rowdy Bar to avoid choking down her fig flavored, sugar free black licorice bites. Gross.


#6 Waiting Room Meal Replacement

You’re sitting in the Urgent Care waiting room, nursing a cut on your finger you gave yourself chopping onions for dinner. You just couldn’t justify mending it with superglue, so here you sit, two hours later. You’re frustrated and hungry. You remember there’s a couple of Rowdy Bars stored in your ski bag, which is in your car. Score. You needed a win today.


#7 Tide You Over ‘Til Dinner

Your daughter’s ballet rehearsal is running late … again. You’re sitting in the car with your son, and both of you are starving and a little cranky. You can’t run and grab something because there’s no telling when rehearsal will be over. You grab a couple Rowdy Bars from the glove box and nosh on those. Smiles are restored.


#8 Post-Workout Snack

You just got back into the gym after a month-long hiatus, and your body feels like jello. Ten minutes after your workout, a massive hunger pain rumbles through your stomach. You need food NOW. Thankfully, you packed a Rowdy Bar in your gym bag.


#9 Commuter Essentials

It’s your first week at your new job and you’re not used to this whole 45 minute commute thing. Neither is your stomach, and you’re road rage is creeping up out of nowhere. Oh wait, that’s just hunger. You pull out a Rowdy Bar for a commuter snack. This takes the edge off the traffic.


#10 Keep the Family Calm

You convinced your teenagers that car camping with the family will be fun. You’re on the road, headed down Highway 95 when you blow a tire. Great, the kids are whipping out every reason why this trip already stinks. It’s hot. There’s no service. That guy back there was creepy. They’re hungry. Hungry, you can fix that! You break out a box of Rowdy Bars and the attitudes mellow out for long enough to change the tire and get back on the road.


#11 Sad Lunch Clutch

You aren’t even a little bit excited about the salad you brought for lunch. So you eat half of it, but you’re completely starving two hours later. You whip out a Rowdy Bar from your desk drawer. Savory salvation at last!


#12 Covert Sustenance Mission

You’re out to dinner with a few of your “rich” friends from the Bay, and you’re pretty sure all you can afford is an appetizer. After dinner, you’re still hungry, but everyone wants to go out for another drink. Thankfully you're smart and keep purse snacks handy. Like a secret snack agent, you discreetly pull out a Rowdy Bar before heading into the bar. Mission accomplished.


#13 Pre-Date Munchies

You’re nervous. She'll be over any minute for the first lets'-stay-in night of your new relationship. The butterflies are keeping you from mounding down a big meal, but you haven't eaten all day. You have 3 minutes, man, use one of them to enjoy a Rowdy Bar.


What’s your favorite time to pull out a Rowdy Bar? Tell us in the comments below!

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