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Defining Rowdy - How Perseverance and Balance Led To Rowdy

Defining Rowdy - How Perseverance and Balance Led To Rowdy

Around the same time that Kellie started experimenting with healthy alternatives for energy bars, she was also feeling tremendous pain in her stomach. After a visit to the doctor she was diagnosed with gallstones and needed to have her gallbladder removed. Shortly thereafter, she was diagnosed with hypothyroid. With so many health obstacles affecting her at once, Kellie felt this had something to do with her gut health--call it a gut instinct--so she began researching gut healing foods that she could incorporate in her homemade energy bars. The yacon root was a complete game changer. Not only does it have prebiotic properties, but it is naturally sweet and low glycemic. Kellie dove into the world of nutrition and learned more about foods that act as medicine and foods that, well … aren’t really foods at all. After years of nudging her husband to choose a healthy alternative to candy bars for energy, she had found a super ingredient that could help her achieve this goal. She wanted to create a line of energy bars that supported gut health, energized a person’s rowdy side, and actually tasted good. That’s what Rowdy Bars are meant to do, but what they represent means even more to Kellie. While Kellie struggled with her health, there were a few times when she felt like giving up. But as a triathlete, she knew she was actually hitting a wall--the leg of her journey that felt like a dead end, but really represented an obstacle she needed to push past. The perseverance she summoned to make Rowdy bars a reality is rooted in the same energy Kellie wanted to share with fellow Rowdy Rousers. She wanted to celebrate the go-getters that eat well and take care of their vessel to be ready for those moments when a wall asks to be knocked down.  


Being Rowdy Starts With Balance

Our gut plays a huge role in our immune health, our brain health, and even our mood. Many scientists call the gut our second brain, since it has so many nerve endings and it communicates directly with our immune system. With such a big role, it makes sense that when something is off with our health or wellbeing, we feel it in our gut. The microbiome in the gut is like a tightrope walker--it needs to be perfectly balanced in order to perform well. A small change in the microbiome can throw it off, so we want to support the gut with a balanced, whole food diet. When the gut is balanced, it can help us do amazing things. But making time for a whole food diet can be difficult with our busy schedules. There’s work and new ventures and family and the gym--sometimes we spend our free moments wishing we had more free moments! While you can make things a little easier on yourself with meal prepping and subscriptions, sometimes you just need a quick bite that you can rely on. That’s where Rowdy hopes to help. We support your big dreams by filling in the nutrition gaps when you need a boost. We want to energize you when you need a little inspiration, and encourage you to push through when you hit that wall.  


Listen To Your Gut, It Has A Lot To Say!

At Rowdy Prebiotic Foods, we like to follow our gut instincts, but we have to keep that life compass in good shape so it keeps us on track with our personal journeys. It doesn’t take much to keep our gut healthy: all you need is clean, whole foods, a hobby that gets you sweating, and a reason to get up in the morning.  


Energize Your Day With A Little Sunshine

Have you heard? Our new flavor, Sunflower Butter N’ Berries if officially here! Learn more about this delicious new addition to our Rowdy line up, and enjoy 10% off your order in celebration of its release.
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