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How to Eat Healthier Without Having to Cook

How to Eat Healthier Without Having to Cook

American diets are generally poor in nutritional quality, and it’s due to the population’s lack of access to healthy food. The CDC emphasized that people settle for food that is lower in nutritional value because healthy meals aren’t readily available in their homes. Unfortunately, diets high in calories, sodium, fat, sugars, and refined grains can lead to chronic illnesses. But you can make the switch to a healthier diet before it’s too late. If you want to consume healthy meals without having to cook, here are a few strategies that you can try:

Subscribe to meal delivery services

Meal delivery services can be life-changing to individuals who cannot cook. Since fresh and ready-made meals are brought right to your doorstep, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be used for purchasing groceries and preparing meals. A guide to meal delivery services by SymptomFind points out that you can purchase meal plans for diabetic, lactose-intolerant, or even vegetarians. There are also meal delivery services for senior citizens who can easily freeze the meals and then reheat the food whenever they want. Through these services, you can enjoy ready-made meals that are specifically tailored by culinary or nutritional professionals to be healthy and delicious.

Create wraps with ready-to-eat food

If you want to prepare the meals yourself, then you can opt to create wraps using ready-to-eat ingredients. Through this option, you have the freedom to choose the types of food that you want to incorporate into your meal. On top of that, wraps are convenient because they are easy to prepare and easy to consume! To create healthy wraps, The Spruce’s list of wrap recommendations suggests that you combine vegetables in a whole wheat flour tortilla. Then, you can spice it up by adding hummus, beans, feta cheese, or even olives. By adding a bit of variation to your ingredients, you can make these healthy wraps tastier.

Stock up on healthy snacks

The aforementioned options may make it easier for you to consume nutritious meals. However, you may easily destroy your diet if you constantly consume unhealthy snacks. While snacks like chocolates or crisps can be comforting, these contain high levels of sugar, sodium, and carbs. This then disrupts the dietary needs that you need to meet every day. So instead of reaching for these snacks, stock up on our 10 Bar Variety Pack. These snack bars contain prebiotics that can improve your gut health. Most importantly, they’re free from dairy, soy, gluten, and GMOs. With these snacks, you can enjoy many delicious flavors — all while filling your stomach and enriching your body with nutrients.

Make nutritious smoothies

Finally, you can make a smoothie with nutritious ingredients if you want a healthy snack or quick meal. Andres Ayesta from Vive Nutrition points out that smoothies are a convenient way to consume plenty of nutrients in one go. By simply adding fruits and vegetables into the mix, you can achieve your nutritional needs immediately. However, Ayesta warns that smoothies can increase your blood sugar and calorie intake if you don’t know how to portion your ingredients properly. To avoid this dilemma, opt for whole fruits and unflavored yogurt to reduce sugar levels. Then, be mindful of the nuts, nut butter, and seeds that you add into the mix to avoid going over your target calorie amount.

It can be tempting to consume unhealthy foods, especially if you don't have nutritious options at your home. However, you can switch to a healthy diet without having to cook by subscribing to meal delivery services, creating food wraps, investing in nutritious snacks, and making healthy smoothies.


Article written by Alicia Damien

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