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mindful snack award

Rowdy Wins Mindful Snack Award | Kids Snack Bars

We’re Rowdy About Winning This Mindful Snack Award 


Rowdy has some super Rowdy news, and we can’t wait to share our excitement! At Rowdy Bars we’ve made it our goal to have gut-healthy, energizing, and protein-packed snacks for everyone to enjoy. From a work-day snack to pre- and post-workout fuel to a top-of-the-mountain energy boost and more, Rowdy Bars can be taken anywhere and enjoyed at any time. 

As a mindful snack ourselves, we were excited to be part of the Mindful Awards. And we're even more excited to be the 2019 winner of the Mindful Snack Bar for Kids Award

Mindful Awards is on a mission to recognize products and companies that stand up for their actions taken to be transparent, sustainable, healthy, and natural.


What Is A Mindful Snack?

Snacking is something that we all do every day—in between meals, before workouts, on the way home from work or school. Snacks provide us with fuel, energy, comfort, and a quick pick-me-up. Do you know if the delicious snacks you’re enjoying are mindful snacks?

Mindful snacking all begins with choosing healthy products. These types of healthy snacks are made with natural, non-GMO, or organic ingredients. These good-for-you foods can provide you with fuel and energy to jump-start your day and get into your next activity with plenty of focus and drive. 

Too many of the most common on-the-go snacks we see are full of sugar, preservatives, and bad-for-you ingredients. These not-so-healthy snacks lead to sugar crashes, brain fog, bloating and belly aches, poor sleep, and more. This isn’t the way snacks should be. Snacks should give us focus, energy, and encourage us to tackle the next task of our day. 

Finding better snacks is easy! Choosing mindful snacks encourages us to pay attention and become aware of what’s in the snacks we eat. This type of attention leads to more satisfying snacking, less overeating, and positivity and energy surrounding snack time.

So what should we look for in snacks? Stay away from processed sugars, chemical ingredients, and ingredients that are long and difficult to read (this usually means they’re preservatives or processed "foods"). Choose snacks that are full of whole ingredients, have the least amount of ingredients possible, and are low-GI

Not only is a mindful snack healthy for your body, but it’s also great to look into how mindful your favorite snack company is when it comes to other healthy practices. 

Are they setting us all up for the future with transparency, fair wages, sustainable practices, recycling or recyclable materials, and healthy ingredients too? Mindful Awards is on the lookout for these types of businesses.

Rowdy: A Mindful Snack

Good news is that Rowdy Bars is a mindful snack. Yep, that’s right. All 4 Rowdy Bar flavors:


  • Have minimal ingredients
  • Contain gut-healthy prebiotics
  • Are made with organic ingredients
  • Are low-glycemic snacks
  • Have 10g of protein
  • Are full of fiber
  • Are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO
  • And, of course, they’re tastebud approved!

How mindful does that sound? 

We’re happy that everyone can enjoy Rowdy as a healthy, mindful snack. And we’re especially happy to be recognized by Mindful Awards.


The Most Mindful Consumer Packaged Goods of 2019 

Mindful Awards honors conscious companies for doing what’s right for our planet and its people. They award the best companies and products that are fair, natural, organic, sustainable, transparent, healthy, and, of course, delicious.

Mindful Awards director, Bryan Vaughan, explained that the consumer packaged goods industry is growing like crazy. This means that we could be in environmental trouble if the industry isn’t being careful about earth-harming business practices or unhealthy ingredients. 

But, Bryan delivered the good news that companies aren’t just focused on the growth of their business. Many are concerned with doing what’s right for the environment, the community, and all of their consumers.

This awesome recognition platform is so excited about this great news! That’s why they work hard to recognize the great companies and products that are working to make a difference for consumers and are encouraging leading a healthier lifestyle. 

The 2019 Mindful Awards were given out to many companies in so many awesome categories falling under food, snacks, and beverages. 

Congratulations to all of the 2019 winners! Rowdy Bars is so excited to be apart of these healthy and mindful businesses.


mindful snack award


The 2019 Kids Bar Winner

We love providing good, clean, sustainable energy to the biggest dreamers and doers on the planet: our kids. 

Kids are wild and rambunctious little guys and they need a lot of energy. And not just any energy, but the right energy.

There are plenty of sugary and processed snacks out there that kids love. Candy, chips, and all of the sugary baked goods you can think of. They may love them, but the sugary on-the-go snacks that kids tend to grab can lead to sugar crashes, mood swings, brain fog, and blood sugar issues. 

Kids are in their most vulnerable state as they are growing into the awesome humans they will become. And healthy choices are important for that growth. They need meals and snacks that will keep them healthy, happy, and growing strong.

That’s why Rowdy Bars are the ultimate kids' snack bars. Each of our snack bars are sweet (which the kids love), savory, AND low-glycemic. These snacks are packed with protein and prebiotic fiber, making them the perfect gut-healthy back-to-school snack 

Appeasing the taste buds, the gut, and the brain is what we do. And we’re so excited to have won and share this mindful snack award with all of our favorite kids.


Good-For-You Rowdy Ingredients

We love our gut-friendly snacks and we’re all about our gut-healthy friends. Dairy, soy, and gluten-free, paleo-friendly, non-GMO, low-GI. What more could we ask for in a mindful snack?

Take a gut-healthy snack to work. Enjoy one of these low-glycemic snacks while exploring on your next adventure. Or pack a mindful snack for your kids’ school lunches. Rowdy Bars can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. 

Thank you again to Mindful Awards for naming us the kids bar mindful snack award. And thank you, our Rowdy Rousers, for keeping your guts healthy, your energy high, and your adventures adventurous. 

We love seeing Rowdy Bars out and about in every on-the-go lifestyle.

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