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Processed Sugar vs Natural Sugar -- What's The Better Energy Source?

Processed Sugar vs Natural Sugar -- What's The Better Energy Source?

Some sugar is sweeter than others -- and we're not talking about sugar content in your favorite snacks. Sugar is a necessary energy source and can be found in virtually every food we consume. Our body turns carbohydrates into sugar because that's what our brain and muscles need to function. But not all sugar provides the same type of energy.

Natural sugars in fiber-rich fruits, veggies and complex carbohydrates come in a nutritious package deal (antioxidants, fiber, minerals -- the whole nourishing fam)!

Processed sugars are found in foods that have been stripped of these important nutrients, so we only experience a crazy jolt from the snack before plummeting back down into a moody, tired and foggy state. That's not going to work if you're trying to reach the mountain summit by noon. It also won't work if you have back-to-back meetings in the afternoon. Choosing natural sources of sugar that are balanced with fiber can keep you full and energized through any obstacles that come your way!


Rowdy bars provide equal parts immediate energy and sustained energy, making great snacks for endurance runs, backpacking trips, and even long days at the office. They've got more to offer than sweet energy, too! are more than just the god kind of sweet. Rowdy bars contain gut healthy prebiotics and muscle building protein.

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