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Rowdy Becomes Woman-Owned Small Business Certified

Rowdy Becomes Woman-Owned Small Business Certified

Rowdy, known for their superfood prebiotic Yacon Root-powered line of nutrition bars and protein powders, is proud to announce that they have become Woman Owned Small Business Certified. A process in which can take months to achieve.  


Respectively, every year, the federal government will initiate an award of at least a minimum of five percent of all contracting budgets to Women-Owned Small Businesses. This allows small businesses the opportunity to receive contracts in which they become WOSB certified. This enterprise was created to get more women into the business industry and to give them the opportunities that they deserve. With the help of a WOSB Certification, women-owned entities can flourish.


The requirements can be demanding; however, the benefits will reap the difficulties. Rowdy LLC is woman owned (Kellie Lee/Owner) and family operated. Kellie’s sisters have a hand in running the internal operations at Rowdy. Hannah VonTour, the youngest sister manages the brand and everything that comes with it. Lisa Gallagher, the oldest sister manages the accounting. However, as a small business these three sisters tend to wear many hats in effort to keep the company thriving.


“I never let being a woman stop me from working hard and achieving my goals. However, receiving the Woman-Owned Small Business Certification is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward having this certification as a way to support our Rowdy and woman-based team. We see it as a stepping stone, which will help us reach the next level in the CPG industry.” – Kellie Lee.


Rowdy offers prebiotic + collagen protein powder and bars. They have the Snickerdoodle Collagen Protein, Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Rowdy Bar, Keto Peanutty Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Almond Tart, Chocolate Coconut Cashew and Sunflower Butter N’ Berries are all packed with collagen or egg white protein, nutrient-dense Yacon Root, and contain simple ingredients.


As the first nutrition bar to combine collagen protein and Yacon Root, which is known to be low-glycemic and a prebiotic, sweetening agent, Rowdy supplies clean nutrition to your digestive system using both prebiotics and high-quality protein sources to pack a double punch in every bite. By combining the nutrition and digestive benefits of both Bovine Collagen Protein and Yacon Root, with other superfood ingredients, Rowdy aids in maintaining the health and structure of skin, bones, ligaments and muscles, aids in workout recovery, improves tissue healing, regulated blood sugar, blood pressure and aids in weight maintenance.


Produced using wholesome and clean ingredients, Snickerdoodle Collagen is packed with 20g of collagen protein per serving, the Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Rowdy Bar provides 14-grams of protein, 10-grams of fiber, and 5-grams net carbs per bar. In addition, the Keto Peanutty Dark Chocolate has 13-grams of protein, 10-grams of fiber, and 5-grams net carbs. The fan favorite, the Chocolate Coconut Cashew has 10-grams of protein, 8-grams net carbs and 9-grams of fiber. The sunburst of the Sunflower Butter N’ Berries Bar has 8-grams of protein, 10-grams net of carbs and 11-grams of fiber. Lastly, the Blueberry Almond Tart contains 8-grams of protein and 3-grams of fiber.

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