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7 Tips You Need To Stay Fit When You're Crazy Busy

7 Tips You Need To Stay Fit When You're Crazy Busy

Commit To Be Fit! 7 Tips to Help Your Stick To Your Fitness Goals When Busy

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a parent of three or full-time employee with a full-time side hustle, you CAN stay fit as you tackle your goals. The proven benefits of regular exercise are everywhere, and you probably know all about them. So why do we struggle to stick to our fitness goals? It comes down to putting yourself first. We have so many priorities that push our self-care down a few rungs on the priority ladder, but it causes us to trip up and lose motivation in all the areas we’re putting before ourselves:work, relationships, responsibilities, not to mentions to your wildest dreams! To meet all your ambitious goals, sticking to your fitness goals when busy can keep you energized and motivated for the rest of your day. It’s counterintuitive, but if you can tap into this little secret, then you might find you’re even more productive at work, more present in your relationships and more rested when you wake up in the morning. If not, then return to your old routine, it will always be there! While you may not have time for long trail runs or a full dance class, a bunch of studies are showing regular bursts of intense exercise daily can help you see results and stay on top of your game. The key to sticking to your fitness routine when busy rests in three principles:

  • Be mindful about how you’re currently spending time
  • Reduce decision making
  • Create habits to keep yourself accountable

Keep things interesting and experiment with these 7 ways to help you stick to your fitness goals, no matter how busy you get.

Tips To Stick To Your Fitness Routine When You're Busy

  1. Write it Down As a busy person, you know your way around a calendar. Whether you write everything down in a physical planner or use calendar reminders on your smartphone, your calendar is your sidekick. What better than your sidekick to remind you to workout? When you write down a workout like an appointment with yourself you are more likely to show up and complete it. This helps trick your brain into prioritizing yourself simply by using a tool you already use to prioritize everything else. Outline a weekly workout schedule with a time frame, location and activity. Getting these details written down beforehand minimizes decision making, which is one of the reasons working out sounds like a dreadful time-wasting task. If you’re great at talking yourself out of workouts, write motivational quotes down next to the appointment. This will help cancel out the annoying voice in your head that insists the gym will take too long.
  1. Get Serious About Sleep Like nutrition and exercise, sleep is one of the pillars of health, so making time for proper sleep can be transformational to your entire wellbeing. For busy people, bedtime means dwelling on those ongoing to-do lists and plans for tomorrow. Break this bad habit and create a bedtime routine that feels productive and relaxing (and remember, rest is productive). Going through the same rituals before bed will help your brain and body adjust into an automated pre-sleep system. Read a book, journal, make a list, doodle, sing, drink some tea, enjoy some bedtime yoga--whatever you need to do to transition your brain from go-go-go to lights out.   
  1. Choose High Intensity Workouts High intensity workouts are all about quality over quantity. Anyone can carve out 20 minutes to workout, but know that high intensity workouts require you to make the most of every moment. There are hundreds of different workouts online, so you never have to worry about getting bored. Make sure to find your workout ahead of time so you don’t waste your workout minutes searching for something online. Who knows, you might find you see better results from short, high intensity workouts than spending 60 minutes jogging on the treadmill.   
  1. Get Active At Work People who work in offices spend hours sitting at a desk or a conference table, but all this desk time can take a toll on our overall health. Switch out some of that sitting for walking meetings, or invest in a stand up desk. Take the stairs, make the most of your mid-morning break, and park a little farther away from the building. Set a timer to go off once every hour or two and do a quick workout. Pushups, squats, a quick sun salutation … anything helps. Keeping a yoga mat and a few hand weights in your office can help keep you motivated, too!   
  1. Use Your Commute If you’re an avid runner or cyclist at heart, use your commute to fit in a workout. Running and cycling are great workouts that keep your energy levels up all day. Simply bring your office wear in a backpack and change when you arrive. Starting your day with a full-length workout can make you feel like a superhero. Throw on some tunes or your favorite podcast and make a full morning ritual out of it!   
  1. Join One Of Those Everywhere/Anytime Gyms If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s easy to skip workouts because you’re not in the same city as your gym. Join a gym that has locations in the cities you frequent the most. Not only will keep your excuses from taking over, but it will also give you a sense of belonging and familiarity so you know exactly what classes and equipment are available to you.   
  1. Meal Prep Take a couple hours on Sunday to prep your meals for the week. This helps to minimize your decision making each day, which is an important commodity for busy people. If you tend to eat out alot to save time or meet with clients, load gift cards for yourself at restaurants with healthy options. This will keep you focused on your nutrition goals without completely derailing your lifestyle.   What is your favorite way to stick to fitness goals when busy? Comment below!
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