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Enliven Your Rowdy Spirit | 16 Tips For Boosting Energy In Under A Minute

Enliven Your Rowdy Spirit | 16 Tips For Boosting Energy In Under A Minute

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone checking in on you throughout the day, making sure you were hydrated, energized and happy? While we can't be your in-person Rowdy spirit trainer, we've got some ideas to keep that energetic spirit up throughout the day! Whether your energy vacuum is your desk job, the windowless workplace or that 12-hour workday, we’ve got some quick ways to boost your Rowdy spirit in under a minute. Skip that third cup of joe and try one of these quick spirit boosters instead! 

1. Chug Some Vegetable Juice. Shock your body with pure vegetable juice for immediate energy. Because vegetable juice is easier for your body to break down than fibrous whole vegetables, you reap the energy benefits faster without feeling too full.

2. Take Adaptogenic Herbs. Adaptogenic herbs are these healing herbs that help your body naturally handle stress better. You can find them at many health food stores and online. Ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola and holy basil are some of the more common adaptogens.

3. Try a Brain Game. It might sound counterintuitive to work harder when you’re feeling tired, but challenging your brain to a test of some sort can help kick it back into full gear. Try speed reading an article, doing a quick math problem, or solving a riddle.

4. Crank Up the Music. Give yourself permission to get lost in your favorite song. This one will take closer to 4 minutes, but it’s worth it! When you start to feel sluggish or uninspired, crank that volume up. Heck, get up and dance to it if you’re really feeling it! That’s Rowdy.

5. Change the Temp. Turn the AC up, click on the fan, or open a window and get that air circulating. When the energy around us starts moving it wakes us up a bit too.

6. Give Someone a Hug.  But not one of those half-hearted, one-armed hugs. We’re talking full frontal “I appreciate you, man” hugs. If physical contact with coworkers sounds intimidating, give someone a genuine compliment. It will give you a similar jolt of social energy.

7. Laugh. Watch a quick clip of your favorite comedian, or buy one of those -year-in-a-box calendars with funny one liners. Laughter decreases stress, causes you to take in more oxygen and helps you reconnect with your body (this is super important if you sit in front of a computer all day). It can also take the edge of the typically serious tone of a workday.  

8. Slam a Glass of Lemon Water. Hydration is the top dog of energy. Add some alkalizing lemon to your water and you will be back to your old self after one glass. Aim to drink a glass of water every hour or so.

9. Get Some Sunshine. Feeling the sun on your face for even a minute can brighten your mood and energize you. Your inner wrists and your eyelids soak in the most sun so go ahead and tilt your face up to the sky and close your eyes. That feels goooood.

10. Do Some Pushups. Do as many pushups as you can in 1-minute, and you will immediately feel more awake. Short bursts of exercise throughout the day can help keep your mind alert and your body in tip-top shape.

11. Inhale Essential Oils. Keep some essential oils by your desk and take a whiff when you start to feel sluggish. Peppermint, eucalyptus, grapefruit and orange oils all have energy and mood boosting qualities.

12. Declutter Your Workspace. Is your coffee cup and bagel wrapper still sitting there from this morning? How about that mess of papers scattered across your desk? Take a quick minute and clear off all the clutter. When you have a clear workspace, it helps to clear your mind, too!

13. Reach Out to a Friend. Has it been awhile since you've checked in with your friends? Send a quick text and invite the group out for dinner this weekend. Just putting the thought out there can feel socially productive and energizing.

14. Switch Things Up in the Afternoon. The sleepiest time of the day is usually around 3pm, so pencil in a minute of engaging activity. This can be virtually anything that energizes you. Read a page out of your novel. Write a haiku. Enjoy a down dog, pigeon or child’s pose. Look at a photo of the city you’re saving up to visit. If it lights you up inside, it’s worth making time for.

15. Say an Affirmation Out Loud. Have you been kind to yourself today? Start by expressing an affirmation out loud. While you could just think it to yourself or write it down, it's much more energizing to hear your own voice say something kind to yourself. Work in a crowded office? There's no shame in going to the bathroom to say your affirmation in the mirror, either.

16. Eat a Rowdy Bar. Rowdy Bars are packed with complex carbs and prebiotic fiber, both of which are shown to increase energy. We’ve seen people eat them in under a minute, and it’s kind of amazing.

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