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Rowdy About Life: 10 Tips to Refresh Your Rowdy Spirit This Spring

Rowdy About Life: 10 Tips to Refresh Your Rowdy Spirit This Spring

Refresh Your Rowdy Spirit With These Self Love Habits

Spring is here, spring is here! The weather is warming up, moods are lifting, and we’re starting to revamp our goals for 2018. This is the fun part, where we start planning for that big hike in the Grand Canyon, taking that trip to Hawai’i, or committing to that four day a week gym plan. Dreaming and planning big is the best part of the new season, but sometimes we dream of the big stuff and forget about our everyday routine. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to wake up and say Today I’m taking a personal day and hiking into the mountains. That’s the kind of spirit we’re jiving with right now, and we want to share this spirit with you! We dare you to embrace this transitional season to take back some Rowdy moments in your daily life. Here are 10 ways to do some spring cleaning in the self love department and refresh your Rowdy spirit. 


Get Active

It’s time to get active, whether it’s trying a new fitness class like kickboxing at your gym, light stretching in the morning while your coffee is brewing, or taking your spring cleaning seriously (like, shampoo the carpets serious). Making small changes will get your mind on board with your body. Getting active does not have to mean working out  every day for three hours and losing 50 pounds. Getting active can be as small as just being outside for an extra 30 minutes a day, whether on your porch or taking little breathers at work. Spring weather has arrived and it’s time to ditch the evening reality shows for post work walks! Check out this blog for 9 tips on how to spring back into action.


Declutter Your Digital Spaces

Think of your digital environment as a walk in closet. The more room you have, the more stuff you throw in there to deal with later. Yes, even your virtual space can be cleaned. Leaving emails unread, to-do lists with 50 tasks unfinished, or laptop desktops covered in over 200 documents can be just as stressful as leaving your closet doors exploding with clothes. The more little things you get done, like checking off “RSVP to Rachel’s dinner”, the more time you have for the bigger and more daunting tasks like putting all 200 documents into their corresponding folders. When you clean out all your spaces (even the virtual ones) you’re cleaning out all the places that your stress comes from.

Digital Detox

Once you organize your digital life, ditch it. Start filtering your days of needless time spent on social media and start using it to be present. Don’t let your hours on your phone make you feel  like the day is slipping right from under you. Silence the commotion. Need a digitally silent oasis? Check out Camp Out Yonder, a weekend long campout in Sierra Nevadas Yellow Pine forest. This is the adult version of a camping trip we could all use. The campsite has everything from beer and wine, art stations, yard board games, a pool, everything you could imagine--tech-free. Embrace all mindful living has to offer with new friends.


Get Out in Nature

We’re not saying abandon your life and give your life savings to charity, (unless your Christopher McCandless). But we are saying that taking a hike every other weekend with family, trying a new trail run, or just heading to the lake for a picnic can improve your body and mind significantly. Being surrounded by our busy schedules and hectic work life can take its toll. We’re not meant to constantly be on the go and our brains are not physically able to handle constant work and stimulation. Getting out into nature every once and a while can reboot your mental health and help you feel refreshed enough to get back on track.


Start an Herb Garden

Taking care of a living thing, even something as low maintenance as rosemary, thyme and lavender, can lift the spirit by a mile. Plus, spending more time around the lovely scent of herbs gives the spirit a complete refresh. Most herbs have specific calming and mood boosting qualities, too. Head to your local nursery and hand pick some herbs that will refresh your unique spirit.



Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from the noise. Meditating can be a really useful yet easy tool that you can use virtually anywhere. We’re not suggesting you learn Buddhism or zen out for a week straight (unless that fires you up!). We’re talking about taking 5 minutes out of your busy day and slowing down the mental chatter. You could be in the car, waiting for the kids to finish soccer practice, at work during the last 10 minutes of your lunch break, or even in the locker room, right before you hit the gym. Separating yourself from the moment can be useful in getting a new perspective on the day or even an assignment.


Dance to Your Favorite Song

Whether you're knocking out chores at home or walking along your favorite nature path, when your favorite song comes on, you've got to get your dance on. There's something about spontaneous dance that tells the spirit, "Everything is alright!" The bigger the dance moves, the more liberating this can be. If you're in a busy place and dancing seems like a little much, just smile. A smile is like a power pose, but for a good mood. It tells your brain to lighten up. Give it a try next time you feel a little down. Who knows, this silly little mind trick might become your favorite life hack.


Give Complements

How many times have you thought, "He is so organized" or "She's so witty", but you've never said it out loud? Complements are such a simple yet powerful way to share joy with others, but they aren't worth much if you don't say them out loud. Try giving just one genuine compliment a day, and see how it makes you feel.


Connect With An Old Friend

Life gets super busy, with work and responsibilities taking up a lot of our time. But making time for your friends is important, too--we are social beings after all! Make a point to get a coffee date or weekend hike on the calendar with a person you really care about. Reconnect with your best friend from college, write a letter to a friend you met abroad, or call up a kindred spirit and invite her to join you on a mini adventure.



Journaling is not set aside for writers, it can be as simple as a bulleted list of the day's highlights. It can also get incredibly detailed, with hobby-specific journals and art journaling.  Above all, journaling is a tool for self expression.  Journaling can be different for everyone, it could be a dream journal, a time-frame journal where you document new milestones, a personal development journal--it’s totally up to you. Journaling can be as effective as seeing a therapist, only cheaper and more fun. Be open with yourself and open to seeing where your mind takes you while being creative.



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