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Spring Back into Shape

Spring Back into Shape

Can you feel it?

Spring is upon us! Well, not quite, but we are getting there. However, there is no time like the present to start getting active! 

We are all ready for that sunny summer to come! We’ve been dormant all winter, and we might have adopted some not-so-active habits along the way.

Getting active is about much more than maintaining a healthy weight, it’s about doing things that get our heart pumping, feeling alive, refreshed and full of energy. It’s about getting out there and experiencing new things. Ready to kick your Rowdy life into active mode? Here are some of our favorite ways to get active, make your 10,000 step count and getting more out of each day this spring.


Walk more.

Walk to get your takeout during your lunch break. Park farther away from the store. Take a 10 minute mid-morning stroll to get away from your desk. Walk your kids home from school. Seeing a pattern? If you’re going anywhere that’s walkable distance, then walk! Walking has so many physical and mental health benefits, from boosting creativity and mood to strengthening your bones and muscles. If you love tracking things, get a fitness tracker device and keep track of those steps. Trust us, it can get addicting! Most smartphones come with basic trackers too.


Bike to work.

For longer distances, dust off that commuter bike, grab your helmet and start cycling. Getting your heart rate up for just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week can greatly improve your heart health. If you’re worried about sweating on your way to work, look into the wicking? Wear, or bring a change of clothes for when you arrive to your destination.


Sign up for charity events.

Get active with your community and join a charity walk or jog. If races sound a little intimidating, ask a friend to join you and make it a social event. Check back to our Community page for more information about charity events we will be attending this year.


Have fun with your fitness routine.  

Heading to the gym and jumping on the elliptical every day can get old, especially if that’s been your routine all winter long. But there’s no reason you have to do the same thing every single day, especially if it doesn’t light you up. In fact, you’re supposed to periodically surprise your body with a different workout. Spring back into action with something completely different. Never tried kickboxing before? See what Groupon or ClassPass has to offer. With so many different fitness classes out there, you could try a different activity every week! Whether barre classes sound interesting or you want to get back into swimming, find a way to play with your fitness time.


Get out in nature. 

If you live in the Tahoe area, spring is a pretty awesome time for outdoor activities. There's still snow for skiing, and there's sunshine for hiking and trail running. So gather up the gang on Saturday morning and head out for some good ol' nature. It's amazing how much better you will feel after a big day on the mountain! If you've gotta stay in town, take a walk by the river during your lunch break.


Go dancing.

Who says going out has to mean sitting some more? Grab your partner or a friend and hit the dance floor. Whether you’re going to see some live music or you find some cool dance classes on Meetup, dancing is a great workout. Plus, it’s a blast!


Take your spring cleaning seriously.

You’ve been dormant all winter, which means your house is probably a little more dim and dusty than usual. Time to open up the windows, declutter the house and do some deep cleaning. While you’re at it, rearrange your living room for a better feng shui, and schedule a garage sale. All that scrubbing, organizing and rearranging makes for a great workout! Plus, you will give your home some much needed attention.


Start stretching.

When we sleep, our muscles and ligaments get tight from lying in one position all night. Starting your day with ten minutes of stretching can help keep chronic aches and pains from emerging as we age. Stretching helps with balance and coordination, and it can be even more beneficial than a third cup of copy come 3pm!



Whether you’re playing fetch with your dog, playing tag with the kids or practicing yoga, there’s so many ways to play! Make time to play each day. There’s something about having a little fun (and active) just for the sake of it that ignites the child in us. So go ahead, climb a tree during your trail run, give those handstands a try in yoga class, whenever you feel compelled to play, play!

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