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About Rowdy - Offering the Best Prebiotic Foods

About Rowdy - Offering the Best Prebiotic Foods

Rowdy Prebiotic Foods is the product of our lifelong mission to eat healthy, without skimping on taste. To us, Rowdy means a lot of things: positivity, preparation, perseverance and the best prebiotic foods on the planet.  As a fitness, outdoors, and food enthusiast, founder Kellie Lee started her story with prebiotic foods a few short years ago when a health obstacle challenged her perseverance and creativity.

The Search For the Best Prebiotic Sweetener

Mindful eating and exercise has always been important to Kellie, and in 2013 she took it up a notch and started experimenting with clean eating recipes. She started with muffins—because who doesn’t love those tasty, healthy cousins of cupcakes? Well, muffins quickly transformed into energy bites, which morphed again into homemade granola bars. After many gooey hours in the kitchen, she found herself perfecting the bar, with the hopes of developing a snack that she could pack on backpacking trips with her husband, Erik. After all, he is the company’s official taste tester!

Digestive Health Becomes a Priority

During this time, Kellie started experiencing a tremendous, chronic pain in her gut. She discovered she had gallstones and quickly had her gallbladder removed. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with hypothyroid. While this medical whirlwind certainly threw her for a loop, Kellie refused to let her health obstacles halt all that progress she’d been making in the kitchen. This was merely a detour, and she soon would discover it was really a creative blessing.

Kellie hopped online and began researching healthy ingredients that she could eat with her new health conditions, without sacrificing taste—a lofty goal she was ready to take on. Specifically, she needed a low-glycemic, nutritious alternative to brown rice syrup, a common sweetener in health bars.

Enter the Yacon Root. With its sweet flavor and major health benefits, she didn’t hesitate to stock her baking shelves with the golden root. Organic Yacon syrup is now the spotlight ingredient for Rowdy Prebiotic Foods. It offers several amazing benefits - click here to find out why it's the best of the best prebiotic foods. Talk about a silver lining! Learn more about Kellie’s story here.

At Rowdy Prebiotic Foods we believe adventurous people deserve foods that can keep up with them. In our go get’em lives, we work hard to accomplish our goals and have loads of fun along the way. We need foods that have that same attitude.  Rowdy Prebiotic Foods is dedicated to the health and happy taste buds of all the Rowdy Rousers out there. With a little perseverance and positivity, any goal is achievable. Here's to creating the best prebiotic foods and prebiotic snack bars on the planet! 

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