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Low-Glycemic Snack - Rowdy Bars

Low-Glycemic Snack - Rowdy Bars

What is the heck a low-glycemic snack anyway?

Here's the rundown on what makes a low-glycemic snack. Carbs are delicious--and they give you great energy for life’s adventures--but carbs have a habit of breaking down into sugars, which can mess with our insulin and blood sugar levels if we don’t consume the right type of carbohydrates. Eating based on a low glycemic index diet can help you manage sugar and carb consumption so you can make room for more of the good stuff (and by good, we mean nourishing, energizing and tasty!).


The Science Behind Low-Glycemic Snacks

The glycemic index is a tool that measures how a food influences your blood sugar levels. Each food has a certain glycemic index (or GI) number that indicates how quickly your body breaks it down into glucose, or sugar. For example, pure glucose has a number of 100 because it is the standard. Sugars like fructose are generally low on the GI scale unless you consume a tone of it. Foods with high GI range between 70-100, medium GI 50-70, and low GI anything below 50.

The glycemic index for sweeteners is measured by:


  1. The amount of carbohydrate contained in the food
  2. The type of carbohydrate contained in the food
  3. The number of other substances that affect absorption (like fiber!)


When our body breaks down food into glucose, the sugar travels to one of three places: to cells for immediate energy, or to muscles and fat cells to be stored for later use. Are you breaking a mental sweat yet?

What Makes Rowdy Bars a Low-Glycemic Snack?

Rowdy Bars uses a low-glycemic sweetener, Yacon Syrup, to make your taste buds smile and your energy levels soar, even on the most challenging days. Yacon syrup has a crazy low GI of 1 and gets its sweetness from Fructo-oligosaccharides. Yacon syrup might be the only natural, low-calorie, low GI and raw sweetener out there—plus it’s prebiotic so naturally we had to use it to create the best low-glycemic snack bars.


Low-Glycemic Snacks Make Healthy Easy!

Low-glycemic foods like lean proteins, fats and veggies keep you more energized throughout the day and curb those nasty sugar cravings. But what about snack bars when you need a quick mid-day boost? Energy bars all strive to do one thing: give you energy fast! Unfortunately, many energy snacks achieve this by loading them with sugar, which will make you crash hard later. Over time, high glycemic snacks can cause problems like type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Low-glycemic snacks like Rowdy Bars release energy slowly so you can avoid the crash and those sugar mood swings, too.

With Rowdy Prebiotic Foods by your side, you can enjoy good, clean energy all day and leave those sugar crashes in the past.

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