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Did You Really Just Eat That?!

Did You Really Just Eat That?!

Have you checked your food labels lately?

How many times do you actually pick up a food item and check the label? Well if you’re a health nut, then you probably do this almost every time you grab a new food item.

Here’s another question…

Do you actually look at the INGREDIENTS or just the macros?

We’re going to give you some tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

Often, if you’re health conscious, you want to know the macros (calories, protein, fat and carbs) of the sustenance you are about to consume. Does it match your meal plan, are you keto, etc.

This is all fine and dandy, but do you even know what you are about to eat?!

Repeatedly, we will eat things that aren’t even real food! Just check the ingredients. It’s that little label near the macros you just checked.

A lot of what we eat is filled with preservatives ( salt, nitrates, sulfates) and also processed ingredients (natural flavors, MSG, corn syrup, vegetable oil, soy products).


Manufacturers do this because it is cheap and helps food items last.

But just think, none of these are natural so how is it affecting your body…. Just a thought.

After you eat processed junk, you most likely feel icky afterwards. That’s because your body can’t break down this fake food.

Try looking for alternatives that are healthier. There are food items out there that are natural (Rowdy Bars) and do not use any preservatives or processed ingredients.

Next time when you are out shopping, look at the label and if there are ingredients on there that you have no idea what it is or how to even pronounce it, then most likely it is a preservative or processed ingredient that actually takes away from the nutrition of the product.

Remember… Keep it real, as in eat REAL food that will actually benefit you.

And also, Keep it Rowdy 🤘

Disclaimer: We are not food scientists, we just like to know what’s going into our body.

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