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How to Energize Your Mind, Body + Spirit for Spring

How to Energize Your Mind, Body + Spirit for Spring

February is a funny time. It’s the one time of year where we buy chocolates and choose Valentines and treat ourselves to spa days and delicious food.

But what about the rest of the year? Do we really need a designated day to show ourselves some love? Listen, you are textbook awesome sauce, and we think you deserve to take care of #1 (that’s YOU) and love yourself long after the V-day candy goes on sale 💝

As February winds down, now is a perfect time to pay attention to the way we treat ourselves on a regular basis.

We’re kicking off the countdown to spring, so this is a last hurrah for reflection before we lace up our shoes and head out into new territory, whether that’s launching a new business, training for a triathlon, or FINALLY clearing out that closet (which are equally difficult, in our opinion).

This week, we want to take a step back and check in with our Rowdy readers. How are you feeling? Are you rooting for the person in your shoes? 

Before you jump into that new project or start building that dream, get inspired to start some healthy habits this spring that help you relieve stress and energize your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Energize Your Mind

When is the last time you learned something just for the fun of it? If it’s been awhile, take a look at your “someday” list. Ours looks a little like this:


  • Join a masterclass
  • Blow through that stack of books on your night stand
  • Enroll in that strange workout class with all the ropes
  • Learn Greek or Spanish or another language associated with good food
  • Try a 30-day challenge, or 2!
  • Watch all the documentaries
  • Figure out how to win Naked and Afraid
  • Ask your grandma to define “the good old days”
  • Learn CPR
  • Memorize a poem, preferably one you can use on a date.
  • Listen to podcasts … or start one?
  • Learn more about the Civil War
  • Figure out the logistics of moving to Mars


What’s your list look like? Do you have a few somedays that have been lingering since you were a kid?

Whether your list is one bullet long or a mile long, we’ll bet there’s something you really want to learn. That’s because we are meant to be lifelong learners. Curiosity and a hunger to understand are some of the biggest reasons we leap out of bed in the morning. But why?

Well, it feels good and it’s good for you! One study has even shown lifelong learning promotes longevity and happiness. That’s a win-win.

When we continually learn throughout our lives, we keep our brains healthy and agile. We also can’t help but feel accomplished and excited when we learn something new. 

Just reading a little fiction here and there reduces stress levels. But maybe fiction isn’t for you. Maybe you’re the type that likes to follow your curiosity down rabbit holes on the web or sit in a coffee shop with a crossword puzzle. 

Maybe you love learning new recipes in the kitchen or chatting with people from vastly different backgrounds. 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to work those neurons. Just get started by learning more about what lights you up!

How to Energize Your Body

Our body is pretty straightforward about what it wants and needs: a balanced diet, plenty of rest, regular exercise, and to keep those adventure injuries to a minimum.

As Rowdy readers, we know you do what you can to eat like a champion and sweat it out in nature. But the thing about maintaining a “perfect” nutrition and fitness plan is, well, we’re not perfect. We mess up. We stay up late to catch movies with our friends. We order the dessert just because it’s Friday. We skip the gym because we just don’t wanna today.

While flexibility and self-compassion are HUGE parts to a healthy lifestyle, it’s way too easy to neglect our basic nutrition and fitness needs on a daily basis. 

To really fuel your body correctly, take a second and look at your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. Whether good, bad, or just OK, all these habits are connected.

For example, one night of poor sleep could cause you to skip the gym or get takeout again. It’s all connected! This is what we call a classic domino effect: one bad action leads to another, which leads to more.

But don’t fret, this is also a good thing -- when we make one small good choice, there will be a domino effect as well. So let’s start swapping in good choices for those not-so-good ones and watch all that good stuff pile up.

What small positive decision can you make right now that will change the way you fuel your body? Some ideas:

mind body spirit

  • Order a plant-based lunch today (we dare you!)
  • Set a “goodnight” timer on your phone so you get to sleep on time.
  • Take a walk around the block on your break instead of checking your phone
  • Choose healthy, low-glycemic snacks that won’t spike your blood sugar.
  • Check out these simple ways to get active this spring


Fueling your body with high-quality food, sleep, and even exercise is the most powerful energy combo we know of. Remember to take little steps toward healthy fuel for your body.


How to Relieve Stress

When our bodies are consumed by unwanted stress, how on earth will we have the time and energy to lift our spirits and energize our lives?

If you're feeling the weight of work, drained of energy from the kids, or find that some silly fuss is causing stress and getting in your way, it's time to unwind.

We have 6 of our favorite relaxation reminders from Relax Like a Boss that'll help you to remember to find a way to ease the tension and gain inspiration for more energizing activities.


  • Take this moment. Relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw. Inhale slow. Exhale slower. Soften your gaze. Now be. Just be.
  • Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.
  • Relax. Taking time out of for yourself is being productive and healthy, it is a requirement for a balanced life. Relax today.
  • You gotta nourish to flourish.
  • Think like a proton. Always positive.


Ready to lift your spirit and leave the stress in the past? Make sure to take time every single to remind yourself that controlling stress is one of the most uplifting activities we can do for the mind and the body.


How to Stoke Your Rowdy Spirit

Fueling your body and mind is essential, but those efforts can fall flat if your spirit needs a little stoking.

Your spirit is your light -- it’s that intangible energy that makes life meaningful. It’s the reason you choose to get up before sunrise to hit the trails.

It’s the sudden compulsion you feel to speak out about an issue close to your heart.

It’s the courage you muster to climb just a little higher.

It’s the wave of joy you feel when you give.

 get fit for spring

Stoking that spirit can be hard to figure out sometimes. If you don’t know where to start, try with something small that you know lights you up:


  • Sit somewhere, close your eyes, and meditate
  • Volunteer at a local non-profit or community event
  • Get out in nature!
  • Get lost in a city or neighborhood you’ve never been to before
  • Say thank you--to your friend, to yourself, to your favorite shirt … just say thanks!
  • Find a reason to laugh
  • Clear your head: write everything down on a piece of paper, then throw it away
  • Pull out your mat and enjoy some yoga


We've found some of the best yoga mats for every type of yogi too, that way you can make sure your energizing yoga session is as enjoyable as it can be. Whether you need a mat full of grip, one to keep you cool, or somewhere to practice your stability and mobility without the slip, here's a list of yoga mats that are sure to keep your body balanced and your spiritual side energized!

Feeling The Self-Love: How Do You Energize Mind, Body, and Spirit?

Everybody has their own way of energizing their mind, body, and spirit. The best part about taking care of yourself is the process of finding what works for you!

Ready for a Rowdy challenge? What can you do today to explore your self-care practice? Comment below! 

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