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yacon root syrup for gut health

Our Philosophy in Action: How Small Improvements Make a Big Impact

Constantly Improving: How Little Changes Lead to Big Impact


Striving for constant improvement has always been at the core of Rowdy Prebiotic Foods. We live to climb new heights, shave seconds off our race time, and wake up just a little bit earlier for first run on the slopes.

We can’t help it, taking things to the next level is just what we’ve done from the beginning. At this point, you probably know the story: a fews years back, our fearless leader Kellie Lee was confronted with obstacles in her health, which inspired her to create the first ever batch of Rowdy Prebiotic bars.

Look where her giant leap has taken us! We have three delicious flavors (with a fourth rolling out in March!) and we have the ability to sponsor Rowdy Rousers like Taylor Swanson, Ryan Sullivan, and EJ Maldonado


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The Rowdy way is to use obstacles as inspiration to be better and to do better. We approach everything we do with this mindset, from community events to our Rowdy Rouser sponsorships and, especially, to the production of our prebiotic bars.

Our Latest Improvement: Swapping to a New Yacon Root Ingredient


We recently had the opportunity to improve the taste and texture of our bars by switching to a new, higher quality Yacon Root syrup. This decision was made after plenty of customer reviews, sleepless nights, and taste bud meditations (yeah, it’s a thing!). Although it was a little change, we noticed a tremendous response from our customers. 

We would like to thank those of you who reviewed our bars with candor and enthusiasm, you deserve a great big bear hug. We take our reviews seriously and make changes where necessary so we are always providing the best health and convenient snacks for you.

Check Out These Sweet Reviews!

Thank you so much for sending those Rowdy Bars so quickly. I had one yesterday as soon as I recd them & can’t believe how delish they are! I’m so glad I can take a couple with me for my trip .... Don’t know if I’ll order other flavors cause this is best I’ve ever had!” - Shirley Zemel


I tried these bars at the Fit Expo. These are some of the best tasting bars I have ever tried! - John

“I am type 2 diabetic (for now anyway) and to finally find a bar that does not raise my blood sugar, tastes great, is a prebiotic and is not full of fake nasty tasting sugar substitutes, is so amazing ... Not everyone gets what really good health is all about, but I can tell you do, and I appreciate that so very much … Thank you for your dedication to providing a path to good health, and for sharing it with all of us!!! - Sandy

Great texture. Chewy, but not gummy or hard taffy like. Delicious flavor. Lower sodium than most. I really like these bars. GIve them a try. - Jacob Forsberg



Submit Your Reviews - It’s The Rowdy Way to Spread the Love

We are always happy to see your reviews. If you have tried our bars, join the Rowdy community by reviewing our bars directly on the shop page. Your reviews help people decide which flavor is best for them and whether these bars suit their dietary needs. Thanks for being amazing! 

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