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From Protein to Preparation: Everything You Need to Hike at your Best

Spring is the perfect season to start hitting the outdoor activities and enjoy the sunshine, especially if you’re in the Reno-Tahoe area like we are.

Hiking is one of our favorite Rowdy ventures during the springtime months. We love exploring new trails and discover new (or new to us!) nature spots to stop for a snack, a few photos or to cool off in a stream.

We always bring our hiking journal too, especially on our first outdoor adventure of the year--we definitely don’t want to miss out on documenting it. If you’re planning on heading out for your first long hike of the season, remember that hikes are just as exhausting as they are exciting. Stock your pack with a small lunch or a few snacks to enjoy along the trail.



High-Quality, Protein-Packed Snacks for Before, During and After your Hike.

Snacking on nutrient-dense foods that contain a balanced combo of protein, fiber, and complex carbs energize you to smash up switchbacks and charge up steep inclines.

When it comes to hiking snacks, carbs get all the credit. But protein is equally important. Protein, which is made up of amino acids, produces energy for your body. You’ll need to consume plenty of protein before, during and after your hike to stay energized and strong throughout the day.


Start your day with a nutritious meal.

Attack the day with a good amount of protein in the morning before your hike. Scramble up some eggs or whip up a protein smoothie--just choose something that will go down easy and won’t slosh around when you start moving.


Stay strong while on the trail.

If you’re coming up on your turnaround point and you’re starting to lose energy, that’s your body’s way of telling you it wants more nutrients. Rip open a Rowdy Bar or protein-rich snack and take a moment to recharge your body. It’s been working hard, help it bounce back.


Post-hike protein.

Your body will need to replenish the nutrients it used while hiking the day away, and it’ll need some post-hike protein to properly repair itself. Make sure to munch on a high-protein snack no later than 30 minutes after you’ve accomplished your expedition. 25-30g of protein is a good range to aim for, depending on your body weight.


Stay hydrated.

It’s not enough to start drinking water once your trek begins. Make sure to pre-hydrate the day before and the morning of. Then, bring at least 2 cups of water for every hour you expect to be out on the trail.

High-Protein Hiking Snacks

Almonds - Almonds are a great snack to take on the trail with you. They have 6g of protein per ounce, and they’re small and easy to throw in any backpack for an easily accessible snack.

Rowdy Bars - Depending on the flavor you bring along with you, Rowdy Bars have 8-11g of protein per bar. Plus, Rowdy Bars are loaded with prebiotics, which help keep your gut happy, healthy and able to absorb the protein you’re feeding it while on your adventure.

Pumpkin seeds - Just like almonds, pumpkin seeds are easy to toss is your pack (or even your pocket) and snack on at any time while on the trail, even when you’re moving. They’re brimming with 8g of protein per ounce and are super tasty.

If you’re able to carry a small ice chest or something to keep your snacks cold while hiking, bring these protein snacks. If you don’t have an ice chest with you during your hike, that’s okay too. Keep them in a cooler in your car and munch on them after you’re back for your post-hike protein.


Hard boiled eggs - 6g of protein per egg
    Yogurt - 17-20g of protein per serving -- add some fresh berries, granola, seeds or nuts to it too, for even more protein!

      Egg whites - 3-4g of protein per egg

      Turkey breast - 24g of protein per ounce



      A Little Extra Something For Your Troubles: 3 Rowdy Hiking Trails for Spring

      Tom Cooke Trail. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a hiking newbie, the Tom Cooke Trail is great for all skill levels. It’s 3.7 mile loop has beautiful views and is mostly flat and well maintained, making it perfect for hikers to stroll or runners to take a jog. Bonus: your pup can come too!

      Hunter Creek Trail. This popular trail is a 5.7 mile hike out and back, and there’s a beautiful waterfall at the turnaround point. It’s a great place for spring hiking and the trail should be clear of snow by the warm months. Extra bonus: dogs and horses are welcome on this adventure.

      Mount Rose Summit Trail. This trail overlooks Lake Tahoe and Reno at its summit and is one of the tallest peaks in the Tahoe Basin. This 10 mile trail is an all-dayer, but feel free to turnaround around at the halfway point when you reach the rushing waterfall.

      We can’t wait for our next trek on one of our favorite hiking trails. Where’s your favorite place to adventure during the spring season?

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