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Introducing Our NEW Flavor: Rowdy's Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar

Introducing Our NEW Flavor: Rowdy's Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar

A Tasty Snack For Any Low-Carb Diet: Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough


Here at Rowdy Bars, our number one goal is to help you be as healthy, happy, and adventurous as you can. From maintaining blood sugar levels to aiding in digestion to keeping you energized, we’re proud to be the healthy, convenient, on-the-go snack that supports your goals.

To officially kick-off summer, we’re excited to dive into a new lifestyle--one that many of our Rowdy customers are already apart of. Rowdy’s taking on the ketogenic diet with a whole new type of keto snack bar!


Introducing the NEW Keto Bar!


Shop The New Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bar

Whether you’re a paleo person, a veg-head, a gut-health guru, or living a keto lifestyle, our goal here at Rowdy is to give you healthy snacks that support your goals, fill you up, and keep you going. That being said, we’re thrilled to bring you not only a new Rowdy Bar flavor, but a whole new sort of snacking.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay keto-friendly with Rowdy’s NEW Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough bar!

This new flavor fits perfectly into any low-carb diet, giving you the energy and fuel for any on-the-go, healthy lifestyle. 



Made With Smart Keto Ingredients

The new Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough bar is filled full of gut-healthy and diet-friendly ingredients, just like all of Rowdy’s favorite flavors are. With this anywhere snack, you can say goodbye to processed snacks and hello to a healthy keto kick of energy.

Egg Whites:

Protein power! The Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough bar is packed full of protein, one of the main protein sources being from egg whites. Egg whites are low in calories while being a high source of protein. This helps keep this keto snack low in calories while still providing your body with good, sustainable energy.


Not only are almonds super-duper keto-friendly because of their healthy fat content, but they’re also a great source of many other needed nutrients. Almonds are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium. These healthy nuts will also help control blood sugar levels, can lower cholesterol, and reduce hunger.

Collagen Protein: 

As the star of the show with this new keto-friendly flavor, collagen is giving this bar loads of energizing protein along with some great beauty boosting abilities. Collagen protein does wonders for the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Plus, we can’t forget about this ingredients’ gut-health benefits. Collagen protein contains amino acids that seal perforations or leaks in the intestinal wall.

Yacon Root Syrup

And we can’t forget about the yacon root! This keto snack is packed with this gut-healthy sweetener too, along with every other Rowdy Bars flavor. The yacon root is a naturally sweet, low-glycemic root vegetable that’s full of indigestible fiber known as fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This fiber is known for its prebiotic properties and holds the power to help digest food, absorb nutrients, and boost immunity during digestion.



Can’t Wait To Get Your Hands On Some Keto Cookie Dough Goodness?

Can’t wait to go keto? Rowdy is a big supporter of all the healthiest diets our Rowdy friends live by, and that’s why we’re thrilled to provide such a gut-friendly snack to help you stick to your keto goals and stay as healthy as can be. Packed full of delicious ingredients, the new Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough bar is sure to be one of your new favorite low-carb snacks. 

Leave these cookie dough treats in your office drawer for mid-workday snacking. Pack them in your kids’ lunches and they’re sure to thank you. Or toss them in your backpack to fuel your next adventure. Wherever you’re planning on enjoying this powerful keto snack, it’s super that we can be part of your adventure.

Place your order for your Rowdy keto bars today!

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