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Grab Life By The Peanuts: The Rowdy Prebiotic Bar Inspired By You

Grab Life By The Peanuts: The Rowdy Prebiotic Bar Inspired By You

The New Rowdy Bar Flavor Is Our Spin On Classic Goodness


According to our customers, the Coconut Cashew Bar is friggin’ delicious. So we thought we’d get in the kitchen and put a new flavor to the Rowdy taste bud test.

We’ve been experimenting with new flavors, making a mess, but we’ve finally landed on a classic flavor that might give our Coconut Cashew a run for its money (ah who are we kidding, they’re both delicious!).

Now you have a hearty happy snack by your side, giving you the energy to accomplish all those big goals. We know you’ll love this flavor because YOU created it!

You talked, we listened, and we can’t wait to share this flavor with you. While Peanutty Dark Chocolate tastes a bit different than our original flavor, our promise remains the same: to create simple whole food ingredients that provide lasting energy.


We Kept it Classy: We kept all your favorite base ingredients because we know what makes our Rowdy Rousers stoked! With only 8 ingredients, you’re still getting your fix of organic nuts and seeds, egg white protein, organic dark chocolate, and organic Yacon syrup. We’re just sneaking in some good old fashioned organic peanuts.


Packs a Prebiotic Punch: Our bars will always make sure you get a daily dose of gut-healthy prebiotics. These bars make you feel good … and not just because they taste good. The prebiotics in the bars keep our gut bacteria balanced, healthy, and happy--and when our gut is happy, our brain is happy too! (Find out more about the brain and gut relationship, and other foods that keep this friendship healthy).


Energy That Lasts: Just like our Coconut Cashew bar, the Peanutty Dark Chocolate bar contains the same healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber. This means that you can stash this guy in the glove box, gym bag, ski pants, or trail hiking pack when you need something that can keep you going when you most need it. This is energy you can count on.


Fit For A Rowdy Rouser: One bite of this flavorful, fiber-full one-two punch, and you will seriously feel like a new, Rowdier human. Our bars provide you with lasting energy that help you power through big challenges and reach your rowdiest dreams.

When you choose Rowdy, you are no longer the person that gets up with 20 minutes to get to work, or calls it a day at 5pm. You are now that guy who wakes up before the sun because that’s the best time to hit the trails. These bars will give you the energy you need, all you need to do is unwrap it.


Get up and grab YOUR happy. Order your Peanutty Dark Chocolate Prebiotic Bars

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