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The Race For Olivia Was a Major Success!

The Race For Olivia Was a Major Success!

Time really does fly when you’re doing what you love! Just a year ago Kellie was in the kitchen perfecting the very first batch of Rowdy Bars, and by awesome coincidence Rowdy Bars Co. discovered the Olivia Caldwell Foundation and their good friend Eric Dye. Shortly after, the Race For Olivia adventure had begun.

Around the same time Eric met the Caldwell family, his wife had been getting him into endurance races. As Eric began training for his first marathon, he realized he could put his skills toward something bigger than himself. Eric chose to start the Race For Olivia and run an Ironman triathlon to raise money for The Olivia Caldwell Foundation. Rowdy Bars signed on to sell bars at the event and donate 100% of proceeds to the Olivia Caldwell Foundation.

What started a simple gesture to help a friend and family--with a goal of raising $1 per mile trained--Eric raised over $5,500 and trained just shy of 3,000 miles. Now that’s Rowdy! Read Eric’s full story here, and check out the final stretch of Eric’s training here:


Eric Dye is a true blue Rowdy Rouser. He raised $2,000 more than his goal and finished his first ever Ironman Triathlon. Rowdy Bars sold all 500 bars, which added up to $1,500! Every last penny went straight to the Race For Olivia fund. We are so thrilled to have helped the brave hearts behind the Race for Olivia by doing what we love too.

The Race For Olivia adventure was a MAJOR success. Rowdy Bars thanks Eric Dye and The Olivia Caldwell Foundation for showing our community how rad it is to help others who are unable to help themselves.


About Race For Olivia and The Olivia Caldwell Foundation

The Olivia Caldwell Foundation was founded by Brett and Katie Caldwell after the passing of their 20-month old daughter, who battled brain cancer for most of her precious life. The Olivia Caldwell Foundation is devoted to raising money for research and treatment of pediatric brain cancer and to raise awareness. Learn more about the foundation on their website.

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