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Raising The Bar: How Rowdy Bars Helps You Conquer Your Day

Raising The Bar: How Rowdy Bars Helps You Conquer Your Day

Rowdy Bars are Your Tasty Trail Snack, Your Healthy Candy Bar and Your Fiber Fix!

Here at Rowdy Bars we know you’ve got a full day of can-doing ahead, and sometimes that means pushing lunch back a few hours. That’s why we created a bar that provides lasting energy, tastes crazy good and supports gut health so you can tackle that “To Conquer” list like the champion you are.

Seriously, They Taste Amazing. Rowdy Bar fans call us up all the time claiming they could eat two bars in one sitting …  if they weren’t so filling! The sweet and nutty recipe for the first Rowdy Bar was inspired by Kellie’s husband, who packs candy bars on long hiking trips because they give him a quick kick of energy and satisfy his sweet tooth. Kellie knew there had to be a better option for her husband and other adventures with a sweet tooth. Our Coconut Cashew bar is naturally sweet, low glycemic and can fool anyone into thinking they’re eating a candy bar.

Power Through Your Day With Sustained Energy. We LOVE sweets, but we also know sugar crashes are complete time-sucks. Our bars are a low-glycemic, nutritionally balanced snack that allows you to enjoy long lasting energy without the afternoon crash or sluggishness. With Rowdy Bars at hand, you can keep your energy up while you’re doing all you love.

Keep That Laser-Eye Focus. It’s darn near impossible to focus when you’re hungry. Rowdy bars contain PREbiotic nutrients to keep you full longer. We like to think of our bars as power-through bars, helping you sustain energy and focus when you need it most. Get the energy to focus on what matters.

Don’t suffer through those tasteless, chalky prebiotic powders when you can savor ingredients like dark chocolate, good-for-you nuts and organic Yacon Syrup. Get yourself a box of Rowdy Bars today!

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