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Welcome To Rowdy Bars!

Welcome To Rowdy Bars!


Welcome to the brand-spanking new website for Rowdy Bars! We are so excited to kick off this Rowdy chapter with our deliciously healthy Coconut Cashew bar. We welcome you, Rowdy Rousers, to the hub for all things Rowdy Bars. Thanks for stopping by the Rowdy Prebiotic Foods!


It’s Time To Eat Well And Kick Some Butt!

Here at Rowdy Bars, we believe you don’t have to be a health nut to eat well, you just need to be hungry—hungry for new adventures, hungry for exciting challenges and, of course, hungry for something that can keep up with you. If you’re a “taste-first” kinda fella, we’ve got you covered … covered in delicious dark chocolate. Best yet, our bar offers natural sources of PREbiotics and protein to deliver pure, lasting energy to support you in all you do.


Why PREbiotics? 

In digestive health, PRObiotics are all the rage, and for good reason. Health researchers are now digging deep and shedding more light on the food that keeps PRObiotics working their magic—PREbiotics. Many of us lack sufficient levels of PREbiotics in our guts. But not with Rowdy Bars, which are rich with natural PREbiotics, so you can tackle your day knowing you’ve done your gut some good. Check out What are Prebiotics, for more info.


Are You Revved Up Yet?

You’ve got heart-pumping, brain-busting work to do and you don’t want to take a break. You’re in it, and you don’t plan on stopping any time soon. And you don’t have to because you’re smart; you brought a Rowdy Bar. High-five to you. So let’s make some messes, let’s stir things up, let’s forge new paths and boost our health without sacrificing taste. (Why was that ever an option, anyway?) Let’s feel what it means to be really in it, and how to give it our all. Let’s get rowdy.

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