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What Happened When I Left My School Lunch at Home

What Happened When I Left My School Lunch at Home

I remember a time in 3rd grade when I left my school lunch at home.

I cried.

Then, by the time lunch came around, not one but BOTH my parents arrived with a lunch in hand.

DOUBLE lunch day!

The only difference is one parent brought me the homemade lunch I left at home, and the other bought a kids meal from a fast food restaurant. 

Of course, being a kid, I decided the fast food option was the best choice for me. 

A long time has passed since then. I'm a parent of two now and I do think more about what healthy habits am I teaching my own kids?

Healthy Eating Habits Starts When You’re a Kid

A fast food meal or two growing up is not going to derail your health trajectory.

Heck, cheat days were made for hitting up the value menu at your favorite fast food joint.

The big difference these days is the wealth studies and info available about the benefits of healthy eating habits beginning when you're a child.

Why does it matter?


Check out a couple of quick stats about America and obesity. 


For example,

“The prevalence of obesity was 42.4% in 2017~2018.” -- CDC

Worst is what obesity leads to…

“Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer…” -- CDC

None of those conditions are joking matter.

This is why Rowdy Bars is proud to align our brand with healthy and active lifestyles and organizations with our products.  


Diabetics rejoice, we knew there was gap in the snack bar market.


Which is just one of many reasons we created a low-glycemic snack that won’t spike blood sugar levels.



Back to School Is a Great Time to Start Building Healthy Eating Habits

Kids are heading back to school one way or the other and preparing lunches is routine once more. 

If any time is as good to start, it’s now. Not all healthy habits mean boring food either. Here’s a few quick tips to make healthy eating, fun eating.

  1. Make fun faces out of their food. Pro tip: use cutouts/cookie cutters to make this process fun and quick)
yoda face on sandwich


2. Add a bit of color to their lunch. Pro tip: fruits and veggies are easy ways to add a little life through color.

colorful kids lunches


3. Throw in a handwritten note. Pro tip: great for embarrassing your kiddos while letting them know you love them.

fun notes from mom in kids lunch


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids Matters

Knowing what I know now, I probably still would have opted for my fast food lunch that faithful day. 

But what’s a kid to do when Rowdy Bars wasn’t around way back when!

We kid, but in all seriousness. We’ve known far too many people we love struggle to fight against diabetes and much more. 

Which is why we’ve partnered with great organizations, like Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


We’re passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. And we like to think we’re doing our part by partnering with great causes and providing a healthy alternative in our low-glycemic snack bars!

As always, stay Rowdy!

-- Team Rowdy Bars

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