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A New Way to Connect With Sports Influencers With SPRTER

A New Way to Connect With Sports Influencers With SPRTER

We’re always looking for innovative ways to support those living an active lifestyle with our energy protein bars here at Rowdy. 

Which is why the SPRTER app and their mission to “Revolutionizing how SPRTERS (sporters and supporters) connect,” just made sense to partner with to continue our mission to live Rowdy.

We figured there will be a few questions, so we’re throwing out a few FAQs to get started!

What exactly is SPRTER?

Essentially, through the SPRTER app, you’re able to connect and support your favorite sport influencers by joining their causes, charity, profiles, and other feel-good vibes.

As a Sporter, you can build your brand through the SPRTER app while teaming up with a community of sponsors and supporters. Highlight your good causes, charities, and more!

What kind of sport influencers are on SPRTER?

That’s the rad thing about SPRTER, you’re gaining access to the world of sport influencers from the NFL to the UEFA Champions League represented by both women and men across 40 countries.

What comes with the partnership between Rowdy Bars and SPRTER?

We are excited to begin offering exclusive Rowdy Bars discount codes, weekly giveaways, teaming up with your favorite sport influencers, and plenty more to come.

Where can I download the SPRTER app to check it out?

Check it out right here:

App Store:


From the folks over at SPRTER, 

“The love for sport unites people around the world – it’s a feeling of empowerment, joy, entertainment, and emotion. And at the heart of it all are sporters and supporters. The term sporter refers to sport influencers including athletes, retired athletes, coaches, sports media, agents, teams, leagues, & brands – basically anyone in the sports industry who helps to create the special moments we all cherish. But sporters are nothing without supporters – those who show up, celebrate, comment, and support no matter what. SPRTER is built on the six letters that the terms sporter and supporter share and we are passionate about revolutionizing how these two groups connect.” 

We hope you join us in supporting your favorite athletes on SPRTER, stay tuned across our social media channels as we continue to release more details about the partnership!

Stay Healthy, Stay Rowdy!

- Team Rowdy Bars

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