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What Is a Microbiome and How Does It Tie Into Auto-Immune Disease?

What Is a Microbiome and How Does It Tie Into Auto-Immune Disease?

The Rowdy way of life is a health-conscious combination that's part art and part science.

From our carefully curated blend of nutrient-rich blends of prebiotics and other health boosting benefits, we’re also keen on supporting your microbiome, specifically, your human GUT microbiome.

How so?

Check out the labels on any of our bars and you’ll never see anything you can’t pronounce and typically under 13 simple ingredients. 


Let's back up a moment. Just what is the human gut microbiome? Well curious adventurer, if you’re looking for the crash course -- buckle up!

In the explain-it-like-I’m-five definition, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem of microscopic lifeforms living within your gut -- happily working together -- to support your digestion and overall health.

Fun fact: Did you know that there are more good bacteria in our bodies than human cells? Over 38 trillion microbes! Thanks, little dudes.

Here’s a quick 1:45-minute video to learn a bit more about microbiomes:

What about auto-immune disease?

Now to take a sidestep, let’s also share what is auto-immune disease? Don’t worry, we’ll bring it home at the end.

Auto-immune disease is as bad as it sounds.

It’s where type-1 diabetes to MS are classified. In a nutshell, it’s when your immune system begins producing antibodies that attack the body's own tissues instead of protecting it against infections.

We’re no microbiologists or scientists for that matter, but one thing we can say is that keeping a healthy gut is a vital function to your body's overall well-being.

Of which, we’ve recently partnered with JDRF to further support those fighting Type-1 diabetes.

Rowdy Bars & Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Team Up to Find a Cure


How healthy snacks and habits aid in fighting auto-immune disease

We may have taken the scenic route to get to this point, but it’s worth it to show you how important it is to build and keep healthy eating habits!

After tireless time, energy, and resources -- Rowdy Bars has landed here with the ingredients we use and how’re they’re processed with great care to support a healthy lifestyle.

All our bars are packed with gut-benefiting ingredients, most famously our unique use of the yacon root. Additionally, we pack each bar with prebiotics (and delicious flavor) to support your microbiome. Prebiotics is the fancy scientific term, but we also like to call it healthy gut fuel!

Basically, if your stomach could smile you’d see nothing but pearly whites after each Rowdy Bar bite!

This is the heart behind Rowdy Bars, so when you’re reaching for a snack and want to know it’s working FOR you and not AGAINST you … pick up a Rowdy Bar.

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