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The Best 5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System

The Best 5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System

When we say, “immune,” you say, “system!”

Your immune system is so, so essential to your everyday well being.

Which is why you’re taking care of what you put IN your body, right?

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.”

From sleeping to exercising, you want to maximize your health building benefits. And the easiest way to support your effort is by eating healthy, too.


A Foundation of Immune Boosting Eating Habits


This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s often undervalued just how much of a boost you’re going to feel after adopting better eating habits.

Build a temple and not a fast-food restaurant.

Eating healthy has tons of benefits, like extra energy, better mood, and ramping up your immune system.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic and it has us thinking more and more about keeping our immunities strong. 

You didn’t ask for this, but we’re going to provide you with a few great tips to get started on immune system boosting foods.


The Starter Grocery Items for Immune Boosting Benefits!

1. Citrus Fruits

Specifically, vitamin C from citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, etc.)

You know how your mom always made you take vitamins? She had good reason to!

Vitamin C is not something our bodies make or store, yet it’s great at providing nutrients that greatly support your immune system.

2. Yacon Root

We’d be a bit remiss if we didn’t give a rightful shoutout to one of our faves at Rowdy Bars -- the yacon root!

Building up your pre- and probiotics is a major boost to your gut health and overall immune system. 

If you’re new to this superfood, we’ve got your 101 course right here: What the heck is a yacon root?


3. Ginger

Next up, Ginger. Not the redhead kind.

Ginger has a distinct taste but is full of inflammatory decreasing goodness! If you’ve ever had straight shot of ginger, you know exactly what we’re talking about!

Ready for another great way to support your immune system?


4. Spinach

Spinach is also a winner on this food for immune system boosting benefits.

These little green leaves are packed with vitamins and bit of carotene which is double bonus to support your immune system AND promote healthy skin/hair.

You will thank us later.


5. Garlic

This next one stinks in the best way possible. Say hello to garlic.

If it’s strong enough to deter vampires, you’re sure to reap its natural antibiotic properties to support healthy eating for your immune system.

This last one was voted most likely to “Make it to your salad bowl” in high school…


Bonus: Bell Peppers 

Bell Pepper, is that you?

Known for their colorful variety and crunch to boot, these peppers  are a huge boost to your phagocytes! 

We know what you’re asking, “what is phagocyte?” We had to look it up too.

It’s basically your immune cells that seek and destroy bad bacterias in your body. 

Have you thanked your phagocytes today?


Healthy Habits Today For A Better Immune System Tomorrow

There’s plenty more immune system boosting foods to choose from, but this list is a great starter list to add to your groceries this week.

As with anything, building up healthy habits can be hard to start but oh so worth it!

It’s one of our guiding principles to support a healthy and active lifestyle. And we like to think we’re doing our part by providing a healthy alternative in our energy protein bars!

From your clean protein, lasting energy bar purveyors,

-- Team Rowdy Bars

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