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Weight Loss Is Hard, Here's How Keto & Exercise Make It Easier

Weight Loss Is Hard, Here's How Keto & Exercise Make It Easier

Summer is in full swing which usually prompts us to consider weight loss for that “perfect” summer body. 

We’re all about positive body image here. So however you are, we love and fully support you!

Feel free to check out if that is the case, but if you’re curious about keto and weight loss. 

Strap in!

Why All The Talk About Keto Lately?

We’re on a keto kick since the release of our brand new D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S Keto Chocolaty Cookie Dough Bars.

Since announcing our new energy bar flavor, we have discovered weight loss as a driving reason folks have opted into the keto lifestyle.

But, Rowdy Bars, How Exactly Does Keto Help With Weight Loss?

We’ve written about what is keto in general, but the idea is to limit carb intake and rely on healthy, generally, whole foods to reach an optimal state of ketosis.

Once you’ve reached ketosis, your body is better adapted to burn fat -- instead of glucose -- as its main energy source throughout the day. 

Simply put: burning fat > burning sugar = expedited fat loss. (We did math)

Obviously, everything else involved with the keto diet helps promote a healthier body and mind. The key remains to maintain the keto diet long enough to allow your body to reach ketosis.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Program With Keto?

Add in regular exercise to your keto diet, now you’re cooking with gas! Did we mention we love BBQ?

Anyways, if you’ve rocked with us long enough, you know we’re all about living an active lifestyle. 

This is why we’re ALL about coupling your healthy eating habits with exercise to reap the absolute maximum benefits.

Psh! You know we make some of the yummiest protein energy bars around, right? 


Tell Me More About Keto and Weight Loss Success


Now, do we have all the answers about weight loss on the keto diet?


But can we provide you with a few tips to help make your weight loss a success?

You betcha!

First, be sure you’re tracking your nutritional intake. You will need to fuel yourself with plenty of the good eats, like whole foods and maybe a few Rowdy Bars, to combat cravings and stay on track. 

Second, managing expectations. Weight loss is not an quick fix overnight. A reasonable weight loss goal to gauge progress is usually about 1-3 lbs per week. (Unsure? Consult your primary doctor for recommendations.)

Third, everyone’s path to weight loss will be different. Don’t compare yourself to others and try to base things on how you’re feeling, too. Physical appearance is one thing, but a healthy mindset is the most important to be successful!

We won’t ever claim to be keto scientists or gurus, but we will don the title of energy snack bar aficionados. Please, do your homework but know, we’re here to supply a healthy and delicious keto snack bar option for when you do.

Remember to live, laugh, and eat ROWDY!

-- Team Rowdy Bars

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