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The One-two Punch Your Body Didn’t Know It Needed: Prebiotics + Keto

The One-two Punch Your Body Didn’t Know It Needed: Prebiotics + Keto

At Rowdy Bars, we talk a lot (understatement) about prebiotics and keto.


One, we’re health nuts. Duh -- we have a health positive energy bar brand.

Two, our not-so-secret superfood ingredient, yacon root, is crazy good for you and tasty to boot.

Three, our new Chocolaty Cookie Dough Keto Bars are officially here. It’s the healthy one-two punch your body didn’t know it needed!

What Are Prebiotics & How Does It Impact My Health?

Prebiotics -- commonly confused with probiotics -- is the scientific way to say, you’re taking in good gut bacterias while pushing the bad ones out. 

But, Rowdy Bars, what does that matter to my overall health?

Glad you asked!

It’s important because a lot of your bodily functions are tied to how happy and healthy your gut is. We’re talking about strengthening your immune system to increased fat metabolism. 

Ding-ding! So, if you’re looking for a way to expedite your fat loss, imagine the powerhouse combination behind our prebiotic superfood in yacon root, coupled with the benefits of ketosis?

Later stubborn belly fat, hello Summer bod! We knew you had it in you ;D

Can You Give Me Examples of Foods Packed with Prebiotics?

Good prebiotic foods are probably things you eat already: fruits, vegetables (yacon root), and whole grains. These are packed full of nutrients and prebiotics to help regulate a healthy gut for a healthy lifestyle.

What about prebiotics and keto, should I do both?

Good question. TL;DR -- You totally can for maximum health benefits!

Since keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Achieving an optimal gut is essential for ketosis. And, that’s the beauty behind the fat-blasting combination of prebiotics and keto. 

Prebiotics help your gut to absorb healthy fats for maximum nutrition gains. It also helps with your body’s energy levels to be consistent throughout the day. 

This is why adding fiber rich prebiotics to your keto diet is beneficial for consistent energy while minimizing the downside of a low-carb diet.

Whether you’re just starting or living the keto diet lifestyle, we like to position ourselves as your go-to, in-between, or on-the-go energy snack bar. 

It’s not easier than ever to keep your diet on track with the introduction of our new keto bar flavor -- Chocolaty Cookie Dough!

Happy Trails!

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